Curated by Jo Holland

As well as being resident artist, it thrills me to say that I am also now the resident curator at bhuti, Wellness Centre, London.

With my experience within the field, I will be showcasing exhibitions by artists whose work is in alignment with Bhuti’s philosophy of connecting inwardly and outwardly, in perfect balance for the mind, body and soul to flourish.

Each artist I present at bhuti will engage the audience with work that draws inspiration from nature, life, meditation and yoga to inspire, contemplate and reflect upon and build their very own soulful art collection.

What is special about my curation is that each artist’s private view will be a key event where attendees will have the opportunity to experience, interact and purchase exceptional one off pieces exclusive to that occasion and bhuti, wellness centre!  Attendance is imperative!

Artwork will be available for purchase through the artists store on my website (coming soon!) with each beautiful piece ready to bring balance and joy within your home and or work environment.  

Bespoke commissions can also be organised feel free to contact Jo Holland directly who will lease with the artist to facilitate your own personalised commissions.

Teaser Group Show 

Launching 28/11/2021 at bhuti a fabulous group show highlighting a teaser line up of artists for solo art exhibitions scheduled for 2022 onwards!

Curated by Jo Holland - featured artists are :

Ariadna Dane @ariadna_dane

Armelle Boussidan @armelle.visionaryart

Jo Holland @joholland_uk

Katie Hayward @katiehaywardphotog

Farid Cortez Rengifo @fari_yeshe

Fi Fraser @fifraserdesigns

Sophia Bloxham @sophiatheillustrator

Stephanie Mill @art_stephanie


The Exhibition runs from 28/11/21 until the end of February 2022.

Jo will be highlighing each artist in her instagram stories over the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Contact Jo for sales enquiries here


Jo Holland is a contemporary artist who redefines photography in a way that engages people’s perspectives by creating timeless, transformative pieces. With nature as her muse, she blends the realms of analogue and digital processes, often without a camera or film to produce work that is both impactful yet versatile. Her work breathes life into any setting.

Drawing on her meditation practice and her innate intuitive nature, Jo’s art is inspired by and derived from nature and the interconnectivity of all life.  Her celestial images transcend the mundane often opening the viewers perception to an abundance of interpretations on each revisit and reflection of the work.  Jo offers her artworks for contemplation and reconnection to what is within and without to bring about a sense of wholeness and serenity.

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