Community Drumming, Healing + Sharing Circle

Wednesday 28th September | 8pm - 9pm

You are invited to enjoy the benefits of a community drumming, sharing & healing circle facilitated
by seasoned healers, Justine Nagaur and Christian Thurow.

Why Join A Circle?
When you join a circle you are in a safe space held by the facilitators of the circle, which allows you to step out of ordinary time into an accepting environment in which you are able to explore your healing away from the modern constraints of everyday life. You give yourself permission to have this time as your time to open up, blossom and find a sanctuary in which you can let go, be a part of
something sacred that is held together by others within your community, creating a bonding experience for the benefit of the greater good. With open minds you will feel supported to use the opportunity should you wish to contribute to the discussion of difficult and/or important issues, or you may wish to reflect and observe, any which
way is fine, it is a space for you to explore support in the way that best suits you at the time.

Why Drumming Or Playing Instruments?
Drumming and any kind of playing of instruments releases endorphins, enkephalins and Alpha waves
in the brain which are associated with general feelings of well-being and sometime euphoria. We invite you to bring your own instruments, this doesn’t have to be a drum, it could be a rattle or a light bell, and you are invited to bring nothing should you wish, or borrow spare instruments. We encourage you to explore playing, be it the first time or something you do regularly, being a part of a supportive group and feeling the energy as we all enjoy the space of sound around us made by
loving souls.

When you play instruments it releases negative feelings, blockages and sometimes trauma. It is a release that helps remove negative emotions that weigh down the body and can help the player to move through their own emotions and thoughts to a place of balance. There are many other benefits to surrendering to play such as greater cognitive functioning, a distraction from pain and
can even be called a ‘form of exercise’.

To wrap up the end of the session you will also be invited to lie down, relinquishing your musical aids whilst Christian and Justine play the drums over you. Science has shown us that the two hemispheres of the brain operate at different levels and at different rates. The steady beat of the shamanic drumming is a powerful tool for brain health because by the very nature of it’s constant rhythm, it permeate the entire brain, bringing both hemispheres into rhythmic balance.

Please Note: Please wear comfortable clothing and ensure that all phones etc are turned off during the event. You are invited to bring your drum/rattle etc, however if you don’t have one that is perfectly fine, you can borrow one of ours, use your voice or just listen to the community playing.

Justine and Christian as healers are committed to the cycle of giving back to the Community, finding
that mental health issues and stress have become ever so prevalent over the last few years.


You can find out more about Justine & Christian here:
Instagram: @justinenagaur
Podcast: Justine Nagaur’s Metaphysical Podcast

We look forward to seeing you.

Justine and Christian

Free for all. 


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