CBD Sound Journey with Urmi

Friday 10th January - 7:00pm - 8:30pm 

Harnessing the therapeutic capabilities of vibration, Joseph and Dan will be guiding you through a textured soundscape designed to inspire deep healing and restoration to the mental, physical and energetic levels of the self.

CBD, a gentle yet potent plant healer, allows the vibration to permeate the layers of the body deeper, soothing the nervous system, quietening the thinking mind and melting the stresses of the week away. This will be complimented by a range of healing instruments and tools including Quartz Singing Bowls, the Symphonic Gong and tuning forks.

Sounds and frequencies used encouraged a natural recalibration of the energetic centres of the body. We like to think of this as an energetic reattuning!

The Gong stimulates Alpha and Theta brainwaves, binging about an increased sense of clarity, serenity and often times, a connection to our creativity. A potent tonic for the adrenal fatigue that is known to plague London life.

Joseph and Dan co-created Urmi Sound as a way to explore the healing potential of sound and vibration.

Drawing upon Joseph’s studies of Yoga and other Eastern Philosophies and Dan’s
background in electronic music, they set out to explore how contemplative practices and sound can work in tandem to be a powerful healing modality. Together as Urmi Sound, this exploration has taken them from Guatemala to Bali to Peru where they have undergone training to become accredited sound therapists.

They now regularly hold space in London through their events, ceremonies and workshops.

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