breathing foundations - master your breath to transform your life with Melike

Sunday 13th October 2:30-4:30pm

In this exclusive 2-hr Breathing workshop, dedicated for you to unlock the secrets of conscious breathing and experience its transformational power on your emotional, mental and physical state of being. Most of us assume the way be breathe everyday (unconscious autonomic action) is sufficient yet many people breathe in
shallow and constricted patterns. In fact, clear majority of us have symptoms of limiting or dysfunctional breathing such as shallow breathing, hyperventilation, upper chest breathing. We ALL have experiences in life, from stress to trauma, that affect our breathing patterns. Naturally, we hold our breath and tense our respiratory muscles to control our feelings, pain and emotions. As this process becomes habitual through our life-time, we lose the ability to breathe deeply and fully limiting the effectiveness of our Breathing. This can impact all aspects of our well-being such as physical illness, general lack of energy, disturbed sleeping pattern, feeling emotionally drained, stress and anxiety.

In this unique workshop, you will
- Discover your own unique breathing pattern with any ineffective or restrictive elements in it
- Learn how to open your breath and allow it to move more freely
- Learn and practice practical breathing techniques and flows – based on 4 of the most cutting edge breathing practices in the world, Diaphragmatic Breathing, Wim Hoff method, Coherent Breathing and Transformational Breathing.

Join us for an afternoon of unique breath journey of learning and discovery, strip away any mind clutter and distraction, re-balance to calm and relax with a sense of freedom, connection to your body and maybe even a new sense of self

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