Introduction to Family Constellations with Zita Tulyahikayo

Saturday 3rd December | 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Family Constellations featured in Series 5 of Netflix's Sex, Love & Goop. In this workshop you will discover and experience this transformational therapy.

Did you know that your issues with relationships, health, career, and success may be inherited?

The challenges you are currently facing may belong to another family member. It is common for humans to make a lifesaving response to adversity. What may have been helpful in one generation can limit your experience of life now.

Signs you may be living with inherited family trauma

Unexplained sadness, loneliness, fear, depression

Failed relationships

Self-destructive behaviour

Unresolved grief

Chronic illness

Unsuccessful career

Systemic Family Constellations deals with the very root of our lives. Our ancestors are at the foundation of our life. Through an intricate web of bonds and relationships, we are part of a family, and we are also part of all the good or bad things that ever happened in it.

Family Constellation is a powerful and effective way to end the repetition of suffering once and for all. Through living maps, the hidden dynamics of love are revealed. Once these are brought to light, this deep healing work can bring long-term and life-changing resolutions.

Join Zita Tulyahikayo for an introductory workshop.

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