Way Of Joy Programmes

Way Of Joy Programmes

01 — Way Of Joy - 1:1
Programmes for transformation

I will create a bespoke lifestyle transformation for you - mind, body and soul using a blend of ancient and modern practices.
The practices based around 5 pillars:
Voice and sound
Movement/somatics (of the body)
Following an 8 step path guiding you through-
Inner work| understanding coping mechanisms | assessing thoughts | emotions, energy | purpose | relationships| giving back |
to rediscover or create even more joy in the world for you, your family, community and the world.
This is a somatic, energetic holistic approach to healing and life mastery.
Not just therapy, or yoga, or energetic healing but a combination of practices to create deep healing, and personal growth.

You maybe rocking it right now but have so many ideas but unable to bring everything into fruition or you are stuck in a career, or relationship quandary, going through a health challenge or life transition, a bereavement or other serious loss, or just simply looking joy in your life.

I have been there and I can create space to help you come home and find your joy - though 8 steps, 8 sessions to your way of JOY.

02 — Way Of Joy - group programme
Intensive 4 week group for you to discover your joy
From Sunday 5th November 7.30-9pm
Sunday nights online (replay possible)

An introductory 4 weeks to the 8 step programme creating a bespoke lifestyle transformation for you - mind, body and soul using a blend of ancient and modern practices, neuroscience and intuitive healing to guide you back home to joy.

Commencing Sunday 5th November 2023 - 7.30-9pm over 4 weeks

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