Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture | Every Wednesday | 5.00pm-7.30pm

Find relief from headaches, hot flushes, knee and back pain in our Bhuti Zen Den! Acupuncturist Paige Sheffield, BSc., LAc., MBAAC opens this special bhuti weekly acupuncture clinic.

You will experience a professional, effective medical acupuncture treatment for £35. Regular treatment gives you the help you need to find lasting relief from a variety of health issues.

Paige uses distal points on the lower leg, arm and ear to powerfully nourish and support your body’s energy. You don’t have to undress, just put your feet up and feel better!

The Zen Den has five Zen Pods in a communal space. Enjoy the profound healing benefits of this ancient medicine in a modern, convenient and safe setting for half the price of private treatment.

Please book your ticket online and the bhuti team will be in touch to confirm your time. 




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