Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

Tibetan Bowl Healing is a holistic, vibrational energy-based system of healing using sound waves/resonance to work through to a molecular level within the body to create space for healing by the bodies own innate ability to match and use the resonance needed for it’s own healing.

Buddhist monks have long used Tibetan singing bowls in meditation practice and have such innately known the healing and calming benefits that they hold. The first session requires a consultation and treatment time taking up to one and a half hours, thereafter one hour. The consultation will give you the opportunity to express your needs and concerns, after which support is given sometimes in the form of meditation, breathing exercises, relaxation, depending on your needs before you relax on the couch. You will be fully dressed during this session, the only items I ask to be removed are shoes, jewellery and metal objects, such as belts etc so therefore it is recommended to wear soft unrestrictive clothing.

During your time on the couch you will have a Master Singing Bowl placed on various chakra parts of the body and played. Our bodies are made up of anything from 60 – 80% water, depending on which part of the body we are talking about and each part has it’s own resonance. A singing bowl will also hold it’s own resonance and in particular the Master Singing Bowl which is used in this session holds a variety of low to high vibrations which will naturally integrate in to the spaces needed within you for healing by harmonizing the cells and balancing the body’s energy system. The Tibetan Singing Bowl can also naturally encourage your brain in to an Alpha state (8 to 12 Hz) which is particularly beneficial when consciously practising mindfulness and or meditation.

What you feel during the healing session is usually at the very least a deep sense of peace and relaxation from the sonic apothecary which also gives oneself opportunity for healing. You will also feel the actual vibration of the bowl in various areas of your body and hear the resonance of relaxing sounds. There will also be the opportunity for hands on or off healing during this session, depending on your needs.

£95 for 60 mins | £135 for 90 mins

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