Wednesday 2nd January - 3:00- 5:00pm

Join bhuti and Leo for a healing start to your New Year... 

Raise your vibration as you bathe in the incredible sound of Leo's gongs. As factors such as stress, depression and disease cause cells and organs within our bodies to vibrate at non-optimal frequencies. Lying comfortably on mats you will absorb the sound of the gongs which changes your neurological and energetic state and the effects can be felt for days after.

The first brainwave state to be reached is alpha, which is defined by frequencies between 8 and 12 Hz. Alpha brainwaves are associated with creativity and feelings of relaxation. In this state, people experience daydreams, associative thinking and an animated imagination. This state is quickly followed by an influx of theta brainwaves, which fall between 4 and 7 Hz. Normally, the theta brainwave state is associated with deep meditation, hypnosis and REM sleep, and we reach that during a gong bath. Take it easy after, avoid alcohol and narcotics and feel great for the week ahead.

Leo Cosendai (Sound healer + Yoga teacher) is featured in The Times, Huffington Post and Tatler, Leo is an expert in his field, and in how to guide groups and individuals into self-care. 

“Leo is a servant to humanity”

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