Bioregulatory Medicine


Bio Facelift

Five individual therapies integrated into one appointment - maximising time and impact.

  • Unlimited Mesotherapy Injections of Homeopathis preparations
  • Face isometric muscle toning 
  •  Cosmetic Acupuncture 
  •  Acupressure 
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (medical massage of face muscles)

How it works

Bio Facelift activates, builds, tones and nourishes face muscles and rejuvenates the skin's structure from the inside out - from muscle, middle layer of the skin to the outer skin. As Acupuncture and Acupressure points in the face link to meridiens directly connected to specific organs of the body, meaning that while your face receives attention, your body does too. Multiple treatments work in synergy like a circuit that creates a naturally fresh faced complexion.

Just like physical exercise and diet, results in the face are cumulative in response to commitment, effort and perseverance. There is one key difference. As face muscles are smaller, they respond faster and the payback is beautiful naturally sparkling younger complexion which is sustainable on your own with face isometric muscle training which I show you how to do. Sustainable results, at your leisure, wherever you go!

Product brands

Products used are all natural medical grade Homeopathic preparations. Brands range from Heel, Guna and skincare preparations range from home made aloe vera gels, organic aromatherapy oils, Mauli Rituals skincare and Bhuti signature skincare brands.  

How often?

The ideal is weekly for six weeks. After this occasional maintenance appointments work well. Results can vary depending on your complexion and lifestyle. That said, there are no rules. You can manage the frequency you feel most suitable and satisfactory to you.

One Hour - £245

Course of 6 - £1323 



Bioregulatory Medicine & Energy Frequency Tuning

The process combines energy healing. vibrational medicine and energy coaching. An integrative energy tune up (think of it like tuning a musical instrument for the best sound quality except it's you!)

- Energy balancing body scan and Reiki healing
- Either classical Homeopathy (single origin) or a Homeopathic complex (blend of remedies) recommendation and prescription. 
- Practical solutions with diet or lifestyle choices 
- Emotional detox aided by Homeopathy for enhanced physical and mental health as well as overall performance. 
- Bespoke energy balancing solutions such as aura cleansing rituals, Shamanic baths, sacred energy cleansing incense 
- Recommendations for home made preparations easy to make after the appointment
- Environmental and 'in home' energy clearing and energising solutions  

Frequently recommended brands

Helios Homeopathy, Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy, Dr Reckeweg, Heels, Bach Flower Essences, Mark Bajerski Sacred Energy Cleansing sticks, Agua De Florida Water Shamans Cleanse, Fushi Grass Fed Ghee. 

How it works

Bioregulatory Medicine naturally regulates, adapts, regenerates and self heals mind and body. Encouraging Homeostasis by calibrating systems such as nervous digestive immune and endocrine. Every Bioregulatory System in our body is intimately related on an electrical and biochemical basis which can be activated or enhanced with Homeopathic preparations. No cell system in our body works independently so we’ll explore dysregulation as a whole. When our bodies systems function optimally, we can excel and exceed. Outcomes are sustainable, the process is conscious and Homeopathic preparations are natural and safe. Instead of suppressing systems, we’ll optimise your entire physiology which can even reverse aging.  

Best For

Supporting the lead up to a performance.
- Clearing recurring patterns.
- Recovery after injury surgery or childbirth.
- Wholeness after a transition (new job / relationship status / new child or child flying the nest).
- Calibrating and making decisions based on your authentic self and heart centre

One Hour - £75

prices start from

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