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The life-changing power of journaling

“Words are a form of action, capable of influencing change.”
Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way.

"It’s no secret that we are big fans of journaling. Those of you who are coming to the bhuti Design Your Life talk on the 7th December will hear how we, who have been writing in our journals for years, talk passionately about the benefits of writing down your thoughts and downloading your brain.

As you start to take full ownership of your life and start designing it the way you want to live it, journaling is the first commitment you need to make to yourself. Your journal will be the best support and a trusted friend. Writing will open your eyes to what is really going on in your life; it will help you to reflect and gain valuable insights. It will help you to create a plan for change.


How to journal  
Journaling is the first lesson in the Good Life Designed online programme but, we wanted to share some tips to get you started:

1)  Find a journal you like. You will have it in your hands every day.

2)  To get things underway, start with writing three pages every day for at least two weeks. For the first few days your writing will typically be telling you what you did yesterday. Gradually you will begin to dig to a deeper layer and reflect more consciously.

3)  Write in the morning. This is when you are clearest. Make it a routine.

4)  Write freely, without self-censorship. What are you thinking, what is going on in your life now?

5)  See the diary as a good friend with whom you need to be completely honest. After a while you will begin to see a pattern in what you write. You will notice problems and challenges, and will be able to see where things fit or don’t. It will help you loosen up on things that are blocking you.

Start with these 5 tips but more tools from the book 'Design Your Life' which can be purchased in bhuti's bhutique along with our Happiness Journal.


Keeping a journal can be just as hard as committing to start running, eating healthier and other new habits. Don’t make it too big and demanding before you even have put the pen to the paper.

This is something several life designers have touched when we talk to them. One of them is Amy Rouas, 40+, married, mother, Head of Industry Sales at Google.

“Keeping a journal really centers me. Again, it can be hard to keep up, if you are making the commitment too big. I just write a little every day. Sometimes it’s even less than five minutes. A little goes a long way.”

If you want to read an interview with Amy’s experience designing her life, check out our blog Notes from A Life Designer here

If you haven’t already, take the first step to create change; keep a journal, one word at a time.

Happy writing,

Pernille Spiers-Lopez

Good Life Designed


Pernille Spiers-Lopez is founder of Good Life Designed, business woman, Global HR Executive and former president of IKEA America. Pernille runs workshops to show you her own toolbox for designing her own life and challenges you to take charge instead of making excuses. In return, she will share how you can become a life designer making conscious choices and real changes. Join Pernille as she shares her tools to create a holistic sense of success for yourself on Thursday 7th December at bhuti. Tickets can be booked here.

Sama Trinder

The bhuti guide to winter skin with Becky Crisp

Well bhuti's, it’s that time of year when cold icy weather, wind and heating systems really wreak havoc with our skin and let's face it; dry, flaky, itchy, dull skin is never sexy! We often choose less healthier food options over the cooler months too (yup, a salad just isn't that appealing in the wet winter), so it’s often this time of year too that we get run down which can cause break outs, cold sores and dry skin around the nose and lips. Have no fear though, as luckily I have organic, non-toxic hydrating goodness at the ready for you at bhuti! Here are my favourite ways to keep your skin hydrated and glowing throughout winter...

Inside out... 

Canton Lemongrass and Ginger Tea 
Have a cuppa for £3.00

Canton Tea

An invigorating balance of refreshing lemongrass and warming, aromatic ginger. The bright, zingy lemongrass bursts with citrus notes and harmonises with the warming, aromatic flavours of Chinese ginger root. A hint of liquorice brings the two together, adding the lightest touch of lingering sweetness. Both ginger and lemongrass contain antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory herbs, helping to strengthen your immune system over the cooler months.  

Outside in... 

Oskia Restoration Oil 


A beautiful blend of nutrients, floral oils & extracts to help restore the skin’s youthful vitality. Natural actives and oils, from African Acmella, Lupin, Sea Fennel, Heart Seed Vine, Turmeric, Starflower, Rose Hip Seed & Evening Primrose, help firm, heal, hydrate and replenish, improving elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines for a healthy, radiant complexion. This oil is perfect under a daily moisturiser or on its own in the evenings.

Therapi Rose Otto Toner 

Therapi 1 

An instantly hydrating facial tonic. Naturally restoring rosewater and nourishing botanical extracts of rose petals deliver a burst of moisture to tone and revitalise the skin. Keep at your desk for frequent pick-me-ups throughout the day, or use within your skincare regime directly after cleansing. 

Therapi Rose Otto Propolis + Ultra Radiance Cream


An all-natural miracle cream perfect for protecting winter skin. Containing rejuvenating propolis, rich in antioxidants, moisturising honey and vitamin-rich rosehip oil, this cream delivers a concentrated boost of organic nutrients to promote renewed radiance and vitality. With rejuvenating botanical extracts of rose, it also smells so divine it's hard not to eat it. 

Elemental Herbology Nutritive Lip Complex


Natural plant peptides help to plump lips while nourishing bio-oils hydrate and soothe. Calendula Oil helps to soothe dry and aggravated skin by reducing inflammation whilst Mango and Shea Butter help to seal moisture into the lips and to improve the barrier function to protect against wind and cold. Remember to only apply a lip balm no more than 4 times a day, this ensures the skins natural oil production doesn't get lazy. 

Becky Crisp_copy1

You can learn more about your skin and how to treat it holistically from the inside out with a Bespoke Facial or consultation with Becky at bhuti. To find out more about natural skincare follow Becky @wildspiritnaturally or visit You can also book your facial here.  

Sama Trinder

6 reasons why you should make pilates your go-to class this week

Strong core? Realignment? We've heard the rumours about Pilates but now it's time to feel the impact. As we welcome our new pilates teacher Ben to bhuti, we ask him for his top tips as to why we should all be adding it to our weekly workouts...


  1. Pilates is a full-body exercise. It focuses on the core while training the entire body as an integrated system. The workouts include ones that improve strength and balanced muscle development, flexibility and increased range of motion. It's the total body workout your body has been calling for.
  2. It lengthens the spine and improves posture. Poor posture creates a string of structural changes throughout the body that can cause pain and imbalance in the shoulders, neck and head as well as a tilt of the pelvis or a shift of the hips. it happens in our daily life but Pilates has wonderful helps to reverse this effect. 
  3. Pilates heals and prevents back injuries. Lasting improvements come with regular exercises that stretch and lengthen the spine, loosen up tight hip muscles and strengthen the abdominals. We're all in need of being a little more free! 
  4. Muscular balance. Pilates works to restore the balance and realign the body.
  5. Core strength. If the trunk of a tree is not strong, what use are its limbs? Train your centre while stretching and strengthening other muscles. You've probably heard the term functional fitness; this is it.
  6. Breathe efficiently. Pilates will increase your lung capacity and your ribs will move more freely.


Now, where do we sign up?

Join Ben every Friday morning for Power Pilates from 10:00 - 11:00. Ben has ten years of experience instructing + coaching a range of clients from weekend warriors to desk jockeys + gym junkies. He believes that exercise should complement living a well-balanced life + can't wait to help people to nurture their inner bhuti. 

Sign up to his class here.

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