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Spotlight! Meet Jason Moore: the man behind Richmond's modern mindfulness.

As the season changes, summer holidays are over and children head back to school, we start to neglect our own selves once again. This September, we’ll be joined by mindfulness expert Jason Moore who’ll be holding workshops for children and adults to help us reconnect and learn to trust our choices. Here's your chance to find out a little more...

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bhuti has been really excited to have you join us but for those still to discover your incredible sessions, who is Jason Moore?

I believe in a life where communication is the key to understanding the world and those around us so that we can learn and grow from each other. This starts with communicating with ourselves, listening to ourselves and trusting our inner guides of spirit and intuition. At 19, I was performing in the west end, traveling the world performing and eventually becoming a theatre director incorporating my own beliefs’ self belief and self doubt. My own spiritual journey has taken me to many paths and this has taught me to understand that we can all teach one another. I have since started teaching mindfulness in schools and creating programs for schools and children’s clubs. I’ve also led talks, workshops and meditations to adults to guide them into trusting themselves again.

You made mindfulness a priority after discovering the benefits through your career in the theatre. How did this support your personal life as well as your career?

We’re always learning and I was able to reconnect to myself through meditation and other spiritual forms as a way of understanding the choices I could make in life. It was so powerful just trusting and knowing, which is something we all have and can do.

We always hear the wonderful effects of practicing mindfulness for adults yet it can be hugely important and beneficial for children as well. Can you tell us more about this?

One of the biggest benefits of teaching mindfulness at a young age, is instilling the idea that children are in charge of their own thoughts and feelings.

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You've worked very closely with schools, teachers and parents. What differences have been noticed in the children's - and teacher's - learning and mindset?

Parents and children have often told me that a guided meditation in school helps to overcome the anxieties and the frustrations that often come with doing homework. Whether they are struggling because the work is difficult or because they are distracted and want to go outside and play, mindfulness helps children to be conscious of these feelings and handle them in a healthy and fulfilling way. The children I teach will often ask their parents to start taking up mindfulness at home, so they can continue to practise outside of school.

Earlier this yeat at the schools where I teach, I led short mindfulness sessions before the children started their SATs exam each morning. By connecting with the present moment and letting go of their fears and anxieties, they were able to focus on the exam and visualise themselves doing a good job.

The playground can also be a difficult and unpredictable environment for children. Mindfulness can help children process their feelings after playtime. One child actually said to me after they had a disagreement in the playground: 'I was worrying about what had happened, but now I can let it go and get on with my day’.

Your classes will be held over 5 weeks once school returns but what do the children's sessions include?

A lot of fun! I incorporate music, games, drama and meditation as these all help young people to open up their creative mind and continue their self development.

We're thrilled that you'll also be hosting adult sessions, what should the grown ups expect?

For the adults, the weekly classes are created to help them to reconnect with intuition and learn to trust their inner selves. Whether it’s at work, home, or in life experiences, these courses will give them guidance in making free choices on the questions we get stuck on in our lives. We will have a subject each week and discuss the beliefs around this subject such as self belief, fear, activating creativity, saying yes and saying no. People will also gain tools such as creative visualisations and meditations.

In 2017 you've already worked in Norway, Bejing, the UK and written for national newspapers and media outlets. What does the rest of 2017 look like for you?

I'm currently leading a workshop on mindfulness for the Global Social Leader conference with international students. I’ll soon be back theatre directing in Norway and then with my mindfulness clubs still in Kew. I’ll also be at bhuti this Autumn and have begun writing a book on mindfulness.

Classes will be held every Monday from the 11th September until the 16th October and can be booked here.
Children: 4.30 - 5.30pm
Adults: 6.15 - 7.45pm

Jason Moore 

Jason has been a performer in the west end and is now a theatre director, incorporating his beliefs of self-belief and self-doubt and the link between the two. Jason's own spiritual journey has taken him to many paths of gratitude and self-awareness and the understanding that we can all teach one another. Jason is blessed to be able to teach and take part in talks in London, Norway and Beijing and locally in Richmond, and has created mindfulness programs for businesses, schools and clubs.

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Too hot to handle? Try these simple cooling tips to keep your body in balance this summer.

Believe it or not, summer is still upon us and as the heat comes and goes, our Ayurvedic bhuti Colette has some simple tips on how to stay cool when those heated moments arise.

Summertime is considered as a Pitta season, when fire and air elements dominate with qualities of heat, dryness and sharpness. It's important to stay cool, hydrated and grounded during the summer months to keep the body in balance, even when it may feel like summer is still in hiding!
The 5000 year old Ayurvedic science of good living has some helpful tips to keep us cool and calm during the long, warm summer months. Here's a few for you to try: 


  • Foods that are naturally sweet, bitter or astringent in taste have a cooling effect on the body. Have plenty of green leafy vegetables, root vegetables and sweet, ripe fruits. We love kale, beets and carrots.
  • Rehydrate with cooling coconut water to replenish the body. it tastes delicious too.
  • Aloe Vera juice is wonderfully cooling on the body and also benefits the skin for a clear complexion.
  • Drink a cooling coriander infusion. Soak coriander seeds in water overnight and drink the coriander water the next morning to reduce heat in the body, alleviate thirst and stimulate your digestive fire. To prepare, pour boiled water into a cup with ½ tsp coriander seeds and let it steep overnight. Sieve out the seeds and drink the water. It works, we promise! 
  • Perform a daily self-massage with coconut oil to cool the body and nourish the nervous system. You may need to warm the coconut oil if it is solid at room temperature but you'll be grateful.
  • Apply coconut oil or ghee (clarified butter) under the soles of your feet at bedtime to draw heat from the body and also aid restful sleep.
  • Rest with rosewater spritzed onto cotton eye pads on your eyes, if you are feeling flustered. The eyes are seen as an organ of Pitta (or fire) and resting with cooling rose water thus has a cooling effect on the entire body and it feels blissful!
  • Ayurvedic Foot massages help to draw excess heat from the body, whilst also detoxifying your system and aiding balanced digestion. You'll notice a difference right away.
  • Abhyanga (Ayurvedic flowing full body massage) with cooling oils is deeply nurturing and soothing, promoting a sense of wellbeing and increased endurance.

Try these at home or on holiday to help balance your body. Ayurvedic treatments are available at bhuti every Thursday from 14:00 - 18:00 and Friday from 16:00 - 19:00.  Book a consultation or find out more about Ayurvedic treatments with Colette here.


 Colette Jyothi Park is a fully qualified Ayurvedic   Practitioner,  working full-time within the Ayurvedic field since 2010.  Originally from South Africa, Colette moved to London in 2004  to realise her dream of studying Ayurveda and after being  awarded a first class honours degree in Ayurveda from Mayur  University, she embarked on a 6 month internship in India  where she stayed and studied at Ayurvedic hospitals in  Moodbidri, Karnataka and Thaliparamba, Kerala.

 Colette has also won the Good Spa Guide’s national 'Most Marvellous Massage' award and serves as a committee member on the APA.