Sama Trinder


In celebration of International Women's Day we asked bhuti's leading ladies who is the most inspirational woman in their life and why:


Sam's inspirational woman - "My mother"

"She’s 76, came from Kenya in 1963 from a very poor background with little education or opportunities , so she trained as a nurse in this country then took a risk and started her own business when she was 38, she ran for 30 years. The reason she’s my inspiration, she’s never let anything stop her, and she’s given me an amazing start in life. She’s very determined, nothing can stop her, so if anything ever seems challenging, i think of my mum, because my challenges will never be as great as hers were."


Cicely's inspirational woman - "My baby sister"

"She’s a little angel, she’s so kind hearted, she doesn’t talk about other people. she inspires me to be a better person and to be kind. she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, she’s just very caring, a little naive sometimes, but she’s very gentle, she reminds me to be softer."


Tizer's inspirational woman - "Princess Diana"

"She used her feminine power to its greatest advantage to bring about changes to terrible things that happen in the world. All the time she was beautiful, pretty, she was also quite a serious person, she was a wonderful mother and a true inspiration."