Tony instructs the following:
  • Taking a Tour of Buddhist Meditations
  • Come and try a range of Buddhist meditation techniques from simple mindfulness to different meditations on compassion.

    These ancient methods of meditation are designed to calm even the strongest negative emotions, thus enabling us to see more clearly and so be able to deal with situations in a more confident and responsive way.

    Tony will guide the group through a series of meditations using methods which he has learned and practised over several decades under the guidance of his own spiritual teacher, Lama Jampa Thaye, and other eminent Buddhist masters of recent times.


    Tony Lister
    Tony developed an interest in Buddhism at the tail-end of the sixties and became a student of Lama Jampa Thaye in the mid-seventies. Over the years, Tony has assisted his teacher in establishing a number of Buddhist centres in the UK and Europe under the name Dechen where he has given basic meditation instruction for many years. Having recently moved to London, he is closely involved in activities at the Dechen Buddhist Centre in Notting Hill.