Sarah Tucker is an award winning travel journalist, novelist, producer and broadcaster. She has edited, produced and presented her own radio and TV series as well as presenting reports for BBC Holiday Programme and anchored I Want That House on ITV. She devised and presented the award winning Jazz FM Travel Guide for over two years and was a travel correspondent for Classic FM.

She is the author of best selling novels THE PLAYGROUND MAFIA (short listed for the Good Housekeeping book of the year 2007) THE BATTLE FOR BIG SCHOOL, THE LAST YEAR OF BEING SINGLE, and THE CONTROL FREAK CHRONICLES. She is also a public speaker, specialising in travel, and is publishing a series of books THE A TO ZEN SERIES looking at conventional subjects in unconventional ways - from sex to zen, money to men, time to ageing, Sarah will be holding a talk on 24th February at Bhuti.

Currently working on her next novel for Random House, Sarah is the travel editor of the Richmond magazine and sister titles and presents a weekly travel show on Share

Sarah is a single mother and lives in South West London with her son and two tortoises. She teaches hatha, vinyasa yoga and when pushed jazz dance and, thighs bums and tums

Sarah instructs the following:
  • Flow, Yin and Restore
  • Rest and replenish at the end of the week. Traditional Hatha yoga postures are interspersed with yin & restorative practices for a blissfully relaxing class. The class opens with gentle movement and meditative breath-work to ease physical tension before softening into the deep stretches and nourishing surrender of restorative yoga. The body relaxes, the breath deepens, the nervous system unwinds, and the mind stills.