Design your life

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Author of the book Design Your Life Pernille Spiers-Lopez, founder of Good Life Designed, business woman, Global HR Executive and former president of IKEA America is again coming to Bhuti to show you her toolbox and challenge you to take charge instead of making excuses. In return, she will share how you can become a life designer making conscious choices and real changes.

Most successful businesses have a clear mission statement, know their core values and have strategies to reach desired business goals. What if the same was true for our personal lives?

Join Pernille Spiers-Lopez as she shares her tools learned in the corporate world to design your life and create a holistic sense of success for yourself.

Testimonial from her previous workshop at bhuti.

“This work is so crucial. It is crucial because at its heart is the intention to connect, engage and hold space for individuals who are searching for a braver life. Pernille has a well of relevant, brave and specific stories which allow everybody in the room to connect genuinely and wholeheartedly.”
Isabel Pollen



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